Cap Closing and Opening Tools

Manual Cap Opener and Closer

Vacutainer Tube Decappers and Cappers (HS3100 Series and Assorted Attachments)

For twist-and-pull tubes (BD Vacutainer tubes for collection of blood, urine, and biological fluids), simple but ergonomic manual tools (HS3100 series) are available to meet your cap opening and reclosing needs. These units consist of a support stand and a cap-retaining attachment uniquely designed for your clinical testing tubes. Make decapping and recapping twist-and-pull caps a true one hand task. Please call us or send us an email for pricing and details.

Screw-Cap Containers


Personal Cappers and Decappers (HS3000 Series and assorted attachments)

For screw-cap containers(Cryotubes, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Sample and Reagent Tubes and Vials, Medicine Bottles, Flasks), simple but ergonomic tools (HS3000 series) are available to meet your cap opening and closing needs. These units consist of a battery operated and a hand-held driver equipped with an interchangeable liner/chuck attachment. Cap retaining and non-retaining attachments are available for your unique application. Make decapping and recapping screw caps a true one hand task on a Tube Clamping Rack (HS3005) to save wear and tear on your fingers and thumbs!


Multi Snap-Cap Opener and Closer

Multi Snap-Cap Containers (Sample and Microcentrifuge Tubes)

This new tool helps you avoid the struggle with small, tight snap caps and allows you to quickly and easily open your eight individual snap capped microcentrifuge tubes at once. Never use your finger tips or nails again. The tight seal reduces the risk of contamination and condensation. A tool kit consists of Opener (HS3010), Closer (HS3020), and one orientation mat for 0.5 and 1.5 mL tubes. Tube Opener and Closer for PCR 0.2 mL tubes (individual or strip) are also available upon request. An one-hand capper and decapper (HS3030) for single snap capped and screw capped microtubes is a replacement for Drummond’s Decapitator 2.

Semi-Automated Decappers and Recappers

Make Decapping and Recapping Large Container Screw Caps a One-Handed Task

Semi-Automated Decapper/Recapper – Simple Model (HS3050)

Semi-Automated Decapper/Recapper – Simple Foot Switch Model (HS3050-FS)

Semi-Automated Decapper/Recapper – Supreme Model CAPITATOR (HS3055)

The Capitator Opener/Closer is a unique electronic device designed to increase efficiency and alleviate operator fatigue when filling screw cap containers. Applications include working with liquid scintillation vials, test tubes, roller bottles, cryo-tubes. Small enough to use in the fume hood, and adaptable to use with either left or right hand. The Capitator Opener/Closer addresses two basic needs which occur under a variety of circumstances. It will unscrew a cap, hold it while the container is being filled or emptied and then recap the container. Therefore it eliminates both the risk of contamination and the need for a user to use both hands to accomplish the task. Equipped with a universal cap holder, the unit easily adjusts to handle caps from 13mm to 38.5mm (1/2 to 11/2″). An LED indicates the current setting (cap or uncap) and the unit operates in three different switch operated modes: Cap/Uncap: Alternating counter clockwise and clockwise cycles to remove and replace a cap. Cap: Clockwise rotation to tighten caps placed on top of bottles, tubes or vials. Uncap: Counter clockwise rotation to remove caps. A mounting arm included can be attached to a ring stand with standard lab clamps. Dimensions 120 x 114 x 178mm H (4.73 x 41/2 x 7″). Weight 2.7kg (6lb).

Semi-Automated Decapper/Recapper – Deluxe Model (HS3060)


These units, Simple (HS3050), Supreme (HS3055), and Deluxe (HS3060) models, are designed as tools to increase productivity while relieving the discomfort and fatigue associated with repetitive decapping/recapping operations. Each unit is inexpensive, easy to use and compact enough to fit inside a fume hood – the perfect solution for laboratories that open and close threaded neck vials, cell culture flasks, and media bottles (see 2 images below). The unit with cap retaining attachment and foot pedal switch unscrews a cap, holds it while the container is being processed, and then recaps the container, thus eliminating both the risk of contamination and the need for using both hands to accomplish the task. By switching to a cap non-retaining attachment, it can either decap or cap containers in a continuous way thus enhancing sample throughput while gaining ergonomics.
All our capping and decapping tools have been successfully demonstrated on opening and closing the containers, either screw-up or snap cap type, as shown on our website. To handle larger and different kinds of containers, accessories such as level press handler, lab jack, plate, guiding bar, and anti-rotation mat are included in Deluxe model to attain more flexibility and ergonomics. An automatic cap opener is also available for customers who want to perform decapping/capping works in a truly automated and less hand involving fashion.

To get more detailed information such price, video demo clip and availability, send us an email at To view more demo video clips for many unique and general applications, please go to YouTube and type  keywords  (decappers john hsieh).