Manifolds for 8-, 12-, 96-, and 384-channels


Want to increase sample preparation throughput and maximize laboratory productivity – but have no capital budget for either the purchase or maintenance of a robotic liquid handler?

8-Channel Manifold (HS1102)

Stainless Steel Manifold / Stream Splitter with standardized (9mm) 96 wells microplate spacing:

•8-Channel Manifold (HS1102)

$100.00 (USD)

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12-Channel Manifold (HS1103)

Stainless Steel Manifold / Stream Splitter with standardized ( 9mm ) microplate spacing:

•12-Channel Manifold (HS1103)

$120.00 (USD)

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96-Channel Manifold (HS1104) / 384-Channel Manifold (HS1200)

These multi-position (8 Channel,12 Channel, 96 Channel, and 384 Channel) manifolds are ideal accessories for rapid population of 96 or 384 well plates for ELISA, HLA, Tissue Typing, and other applications. Used in conjunction with bottle top dispensing pumps, these manifolds enable aspiration from a reservoir and precise dispensing of volumes as low as 25 microliters per well. Manifolds feature stainless steel needles and include a cleaning wire to remove residue buildup inside the channels. The standard 96 Channel Manifold is made of two polypropylene plates. Upon request, Teflon plates can be substituted(at an extra cost) to dispense more corrosive acid, basic solution, or chlorinated organic solutions. Also, custom 96 channel manifolds can be made (3×8,6×8,9×8). 96 wells can be filled by using 4 individual stop valves. All the above manifolds (except 384 Channel Manifold) have regular microplate spacing (9.0 mm between each channel).384 Channel manifold is available only upon request by calling or sending us an email.
• Horizon Specialty 96 Channel Manifold (HS1104)

$750.00 (USD)

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384-Channel Manifold (HS1200)

384 manifold

Price: $300. Please call to order

Support Stand (HS1106)

This Support Stand not only saves lab bench space but can also hold the 96 channel manifold in a fixed position.

Multi Solvent Switching Manifold (HS1107)

Scientists who frequently use multi solutions in their 96 well dispensing applications would benefit from the Multi Solvent Switching Manifold to eliminate the need to purchase several expensive bottle top dispensers.

* Customized Manifolds (# of channels / spacing between channels) available per customer request. Examples of  customized 4 channel manifolds, 8 channel manifolds, made of polypropylene, in longer length, and wider spacing are shown below:


Email us at info@horzion-specialty.com with any questions. Be sure to include your phone number, email, and name in your email.



8 Channel Dispenser for SPE Cartridges (HS1105)

Low cost but handy tools for dispensing multi conditioning and washing solvents into solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges.

8 Channel SPE

 Bottle Top (BT) Dispensing Pumps

* We don’t manufacture BT dispensing pumps. However, we would be glad to help you select the most suitable pump for your specific application.

 Liquid Delivery Lines

Liquid Delivery Lines (HS1105/HS1106)

Unique Horizon Specialty products for connecting 8, 12 and 96 channel manifolds. 5mL and 10 mL BT dispensing pumps are normally connecting 1/8″ Teflon tubing to 8 and 12 channel manifolds via union and connector. A 25 mL, 50mL, and 100mL BT dispensing pumps are generally used for connecting Teflon ¼” tubing to a 96 channel manifold via a Quick Disconect connector.

  Complete Multi-Channel Dispensing Systems

A complete multi channel dispensing system is composed of four components:

  1. BT Dispensing Pump
  2. 1 L Glass Bottle
  3. Stainless Steel Manifold
  4. Liquid Delivery Line

These complete systems deliver liquid into 8-, 12-, or 96-wells simultaneously and evenly. Repeats of incorrectly filled plates and pipetting errors are significantly reduced. Liquid (aqueous and organic based) can be delivered evenly into each well with accuracy/precision of less than 10%.

Multi Channel Dispensing System w/Bottle-Top Dispenser, Bottle, Liquid Delivery Line and Manifold:

8/12 Channel Dispensing System (HS10/10X,HS20/20X)

• Non-Autoclavable Dispenser w/ 8-Channel
Stainless Steel Manifold (HS10)

• Non-Autoclavable Dispenser w/ 12-Channel
Stainless Steel Manifold (HS20)

• Autoclavable Dispenser w/ 8-Channel
Stainless Steel Manifold (HS10X)

• Autoclavable Dispenser w/ 12-Channel
Stainless Steel Manifold (HS20X)

$400.00 / $800.00 (USD)

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Dispenser/Manifold Options:

Manual 96-Channel Dispensing System (HS40)

The manual 96-Channel dispensing system is a specially designed tool that provides fast, repetitive dispensing of microliter to milliliter volumes into 96-well containers at one time. The dispensing system consists of a 96-channel manifold, a large volume (25 ml or larger) bottletop dispensing pump, and a liquid delivery line. It is compact and easy to use. It is the perfect solution for laboratories that conduct manual repetitive liquid dispensing into microtiter spaced containers. The combination of a BT dispensing pump and a 96-channel manifold can also be used for any dispensing task with microtiter plates used in molecular biology, immunology, genomics and the clinical, as well as pre-clinical, drug metabolism fields. Addition of Support Stand (HS1106), Solvent Selection Manifold (HS1107) and a BT pump to 96 Channel Manifold (HS1104) can further increase flexibility and utility because 96 Channel SPE Dispensing System (HS40) commonly used in solid phase extraction.

Automated Multiple Channel Dispenser/Washer (HS50)

This unique device consists of a multi-channel (4 – 16) manifold with custom spacing, a programmable pump, and a support stand. The electric pump delivers a total volume ranging from 10 to 1,000 mL  with <5% accuracy and precision. If needed, multi channel manifold can be used in either dispensing or washing mode. When performing hundred of dispensing/washing circles, it  offers higher throughput and much reduced fatigue compared to usage of manual bottle top dispenser.

Automated 96 Channel Dispenser for 96 Well SPE Plates (HS7001)

An automated 96 channel dispenser can be utilized for solid phase extraction (SPE) tasks (conditioning, washing, elution) commonly associated with  high throughput microplate assays used in clinical and pre-clinical drug metabolism, forensic, food safety, and environmental testing fields

Repetitive Pipetting of Scintillation Cocktails Can Be Tedious and Fatiguing. Why Make It More Difficult Than It Needs To Be?

 High Throughput Cocktail Dispensers

High Throughput Cocktail Dispenser (HS6000)

Scintillation cocktail dispensers are designed to allow pipetting either by 4-, 5-, or 96 channels for convenient high throughput dispensing of viscous scintillation cocktails. The cocktail dispensers consist of a chemically resistant bottletop dispenser (25 – 100 ml), a drip stand, and either a 4-, 5-, or 96-channel manifold. Any scintillation vials (20, 7, 6 ml) can be used.


If necessary, sequentially perform all, or half, of the following steps during radioactive sample preparation:

  1. Decap vials (6, 20 mL) from original carton (10×10 or 10×20 format)
  2. Put opened vials in a rack
  3. Aliquot sample and pipet reagents manually or robotically
  4. Add scintillation cocktail
  5. Recap vials
  6. Mix
  7. Load prepared vials onto a scintillation counter

Let us help you to design an ergonomic, more organized and error-less high thoughput system.