Dried Blood Spot

Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Tools

 Semi-Automated Puncher

semiAuto hive puncher

Semi-Automated Puncher (HS4021)

The personal puncher includes a battery operated driver (3.7V shown in the above picture) and an interchangeable attachment (3, 4, 5, or 6mm). It is easy and quick to change the various diameter core attachments via a screw.

(Specify boring diameter on your order)

$360.00 (USD)


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 EZ View Microplate Stand/Column and Row Indexer

EZ View Microplate Stand (HS2020) and Microplate Column and Row Indexer (HS2060) – can be utilized for quickly locating and ejecting bored disc into a specific well without any error.

 EZ DBS Tips

EZ DBS Tips (HS4030) – A ¼” diameter disc precut from commercial DBS cards is inserted inside a Tomtec tip. By utilizing a rack of these 96 Tomtec tips (containing DBS disc) sample preparation and analysis can be performed in an efficient and productive way since it:

  • (1). does not need to punch DBS cards.
  • (2). generates more data points while cutting down the cost of expensive DBS cards.
  • (3). undergoes more organized work flow.
  • (4). is ready for solute elution by taking the benefits of Tomtec Quadra 96 workstation.
  • (5). reduces the matrix effect by washing away additives of some treated cards.
  • (6). may improve the recovery by multi-time elution.

 Robotic DBS Racks

Robotic DBS Racks (HS4040) – We can design and make four customized racks so that your robotic liquid handling system can spot QC and animal/human blood samples onto 32 individual DBS cards.