Automatic Decapper

Automatic Decapper/Capper

This new automatic decapper/capper can decap and cap medium to large size of bottles. Users can set it up depending on the size and height of their bottles. With additional foot touch, you have flexibility to control the process of operations such as open cap-fill in solution-recap.  The unit is compact to fit on your bench.  If you need to decap/cap more than one bottle at a time, please contact us.

Microarray Printer

This new innovative printer can be used to dispense samples in the scale of nano and pico ml scale for the biochips and1536 microplate wells device. It uses both gravity/surface tension properties and patented design to achieve fast and accurate printing for microarray. It eliminates the problems such as contamination and washing procedures as shown in other machines. The printing head can easily be replaced and inexpensive. The whole unit is compact to fit your bench space and safe to use. A remote control is used to operate the machine such as selection of position of slides, sample points, and speed.

microarray printer