Microplate Orientation Tools

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of microplate processing with the Microplate Index Card. A bold-print laminated card perfectly aligns under a 96-well plate, clearly identifying each well using either numeric or alpha-numeric character sets.

 Microplate Index Card

Microplate Index Card (HS2010)

Alpha-numeric ID card (side A)   /   Numeric ID card (side B)

 EZ Well Lighted Viewing Stand Kit

EZ-Well Lighted Viewing Stand Kit (HS2020)

While pipetting sample and buffer solutions including calibration and internal standards manually into a microplate, the 96 well plate needs to be examined carefully by frequent viewing of emptied and filled wells during liquid transfers. It is often difficult to check well menisci levels without external visual-aid devices such as illuminated light or well identification card especially for deep well plates. The EZ Well Viewing Stand Kit includes a Microplate Stand, two strong LED lights, and a Microplate Index Card. With an index card positioned underneath shallow and flat 96 well plates or LED lights shining through 96 deep well plates, errors of liquid addition and repetition of pipetting work can be reduced and even avoided.

$260.00 (USD)

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 Enhanced View Microplate Stand

Enhanced View Microplate Stand (HS2030)

A magnifying mirror (x2 or x12, please specify), positioned beneath a top plate (for holding samples plate), can be tilted at an angle so as to allow for easier viewing of each well (through the magnified, reflected image). Especially useful in the performance of immunoassays where color changes in any well need to be quickly identified.

$360.00 (USD)

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 Microplate Column or Row Indexer

Microplate Column Indexer (HS2040)   Microplate SPE Column Indexer (HS2041)

The Microplate Column Indexer is designed to allow liquid additions to a 96-well plate or an SPE plate (on top of a collection plate) by column (column #1 – column #12) through the base handler. The unit is manufactured of teflon-coated aluminum to allow smooth stepwise movement of the base handler. Easily return to whichever column you were working in – after any pause or interruption. Never lose your place again.

The index guiding bar can be situated to allow smooth movement by row (row A – row H). A Microplate Row Indexer (HS2050) is also available upon customer’s request (picture not shown).

 Microplate Column and Row Indexer

Microplate Column and Row Indexer (HS2060)

Microplate Column and Row Indexer is a compact, bench-top guiding aid for 96 well plates. It provides better orientation of a specific well while quickly identifying it. To locate a specific well of a 96 well plate, manually move the column guiding bar first to a selected column number followed by viewing a row number label on the guiding bar. The unit reduces errors associated with manual pipetting into 96 well plates, and increases the confidence of the operator in delivering the correct reagent or sample to the intended well.