Microplate Washers For ELISA, Cell Wash, and cell-base assays

Automated Single and Multi 96 Well Plate Washers (HS7000/HS7001)

The basic dispensing and washing unit consists of:
1. A dual co-axis 96 channel stainless steel manifold used for liquid transfer and aspiration
2. An electronically controlled pump (1 – 1,000 mL)
3. An adjustable (up/down) stand for handling the microplates of varying heights
Both pump and movable stand are controlled by a touch screen computer. It is compact and easy to use. In direct comparison to a commercially marketed 96 channel workstation, this single plate washing unit (HS 7000) costs less to buy and maintain, and is much easier to learn how to use – and without any robotics station downtime. Very low volumes (less than 2 microliters) of residual solution is an additional benefit of this model due to its dual co-axis pins. Equipped with standard 3 solvent selection valves, this flexiblel Microplate Washer is also capable of performing solid phase extraction, solid-supported liquid liquid extraction, microplate filtration, and scintillation cocktail additions in the 96-, 48-, or 24-well formats. See video clip at automated 96 channel dispenser under the dispensing tab.

By adding an optional package, this multi plate washing (HS 7001) unit can also be utilized for any high throughput washing tasks (plate duplication, serial dilution, various plates at the same platform, 384 well adaptability) commonly associated with microplate assays used in molecular biology, immunology, genomic, clinical and pre-clinical drug metabolism fields.

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Customized Washing Tools

 8 and 12 Channel Washers

8 Channel and 12 Channel Washers (HS5010/HS5020) – These washers are designed to do manual washing of 96 plates commonly used in ELISA and similar assays. They are inexpensive tools if budget is limited. By connecting to a vacuum source and washing solution, you are ready to perform plate washing sequences (dispensing and aspiration solutions). The specially designed dual manifold can minimize cross contamination, overfilling, and plugging. The washer body is autoclavable and acid resistant.