EZ-96 SPE Tips (HS1998) – A new way of processing solid phase extraction in a HT and fully automated fashion since it:

  • Takes the benefits of using Tomtec Quadra 96 workstation.
  • Generates more reproducible results.
  • Is easy and less expensive to operate.
  • Is vacuum-free and has better liquid flow control using positive pressure.
  • Has very low cross-well contamination and carry-over.
  • Works well with small sample volume
    (5 – 10 microliters).
2. EZ-View Microplate Stand (HS1999) – A must have tool to pipet sample solution into microplate with safety and less error because it:

  • Can tilt and view the plate during each liquid transfer.
  • Can preset the angle suitable for your preference.
  • Can improve the accuracy and reduce the errors and fatigue of additions.
  • Can be used inside the hood or on the bench.