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I’m Not Good for Anything and That’s Why I’m Stressed: Analysis of the Effect of Self-Efficacy and Emotional Intelligence on Student Stress Using SEM and QCA.

Stress negatively impacts the well-being and the standard of lifetime of the society. Particularly within the educational context, it’s related to investigate its ranges attributable […]

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Public Health Response to Zika Virus Exposure of Air Force Members Deployed to Caribbean Islands, 2016

The emergence of Zika virus illness (ZVD) in areas of navy operations offered a brand new alternative for pressure well being safety. ZVD an infection […]

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Discrimination of isomeric monosaccharide derivatives using collision-induced fingerprinting coupled to ion mobility mass spectrometry

Due to the isomeric heterogeneity that’s ubiquitous in analytical science, a formidable analytical problem is to totally discriminate a number of isomers, particularly these candidate […]

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